Graduate Profile: BBA (Honours) in Human Resource Management


Our desired graduates should be able to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes addressing five broad domains of capability; namely scholarship, professionalism, global citizenship, metacognition, collaborative leadership
Programme Learning Outcomes BBA (Honours) in Human Resource Management Degree Programme
Scholarship: Theoretical and conceptual knowledge in Human Resource Management
  1. Demonstrate advanced and contemporary knowledge and understanding of the main concepts and theories in human resource management and other allied fields.
Professionalism: Creativity and flexibility in application
  1. Apply methods and techniques of human resource management and other allied fields to critically analyze data, interpret results, and propose defensible solutions for improving business performance in changing environments.
  2. Integrate diverse and global perspectives in the fields of human resource management, economics, and management in constructing and sustaining arguments for solving business problems and exploiting business opportunities.
  3. Communicate information and ideas efficiently and effectively particularly using ICT and both verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
Collaborative Leadership: Teamwork, and commitment
  1. Work in collaborative teams, give leadership, and promote social engagement.
  2. Take initiative, exercise personal and team responsibility to instill entrepreneurship in a professional environment.
Global Citizenship: Attitudes, values, ethics, and accountability
  1. Demonstrate positive attitudes and social responsibility.
  2. Demonstrate ethical concerns, moral responsibility, and accountability required of a global citizen.
Metacognition: Vision for life and lifelong learning
  1. Determine vision for life, and develop long term goals and strategies accordingly.
  2. Engage in independent learning using scholarly reviews and secondary sources of information to develop additional competencies required for making sound decisions.
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