Message from the Head

Warm-hearted welcome to the Department of Human Resource Management, Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Ruhuna! I am honored and proud to lead the Department as the third Head of the Department.

We aim to nurture excellence and provide the students with an exceptional learning experience that will enable the students to become independent thinkers, ready to pursue their aspiring career path in Human Resource Management..

The Department of Human Resource Management takes pride in offering Bachelor of Business Administration Honours in Human Resource Management. This program has been designed to provide students with a range of highly prized transferrable skills enabling them to stand out in an increasingly competitive world. Our goal is to raise a strong generation of students who can in turn change the world and actively impact humanity with their services. Our education curriculum focuses on the highly-demanded future job opportunities that will envision ourstudents chasing after their dreams in a day and age where future jobs and social standing are always unstable.

The dedicated staff at our department exemplifies qualities of commitment and unwavering support, playing a crucial role in creating an environment conducive to learning and growth. Their valuable contributions have a profound impact on shaping the future of our students. Our department's success is a testament to the exceptional talent and commitment of our team members.

Furthermore, throughout the academic year, the students' circle of the Department of Human Resource Management, Circle of Human Resource Development, and English Club execute extra-curricular activities that underpin the soft-skill development of the students. Them department ensures that the students in the department are entailed with academic activities while enriching them with the basic human values and qualities of humanity to bring out the fundamental goodness of human beings and society at large.

Since the establishment of the Department of Human Resource Management, it has been able to create milestones with the integration of talented staff and determined students which we call an ‘HR Family’. We are indeed gifted with immense talent among our staff, and students to convene a positive impact in the country, especially where it is needed the most. As a department, we are encouraged to keep a strong bond between the staff and students to emphasize our values of harmony, cooperation, empathy, discipline, and patience.

Our department philosophy places significant emphasis on partnering with the industry. We are dedicated to offering our students practical experience by organizing guest lectures, industry tours, and internships. This commitment ensures that they acquire a robust comprehension of HR practices in the business sector. The continuous support from our alumni, along with their guidance to current undergraduates, is a priceless asset to our department.

We prioritize a student-centered approach as we endeavor to cultivate a new cohort of HR leaders capable of advancing the field of Human Resource Management. Thus we are highly focused on delivering a tailored curriculum, interactive learning, mentorship programs, career counseling and placements, an inclusive learning environment, and professional development opportunities. We ensure that the Department of Human Resource Management contributes significantly to the overall educational experience and future success of its undergraduates through this practice.

On the closing note, I invite you to be a part of our journey towards being a world-class center of excellence in education, training, and research. Together let’s raise a brighter generation in the function of Human Resource Management. In the journey of knowledge and collaboration, may our collective efforts in the Department of Human Resource Management not only enrich our professional lives but also contribute to the growth and success of each individual.

Thank you

Mr. R.M.D.D. Rathnayake
Head/Department of Human Resource Management
Faculty of Management and Finance
University of Ruhuna
Matara, Sri Lanka.
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