The essence of every business is to procure, maintain and retain customers. The marketing function in every business has always been concerned with understanding and delivering value to customers. As such, it has had to reinvent itself frequently to keep up with new technologies and changing customer expectations in the face of increased global competition and a flattening world. The Department of Marketing provides a comprehensive examination of the latest marketing tools, methods and strategies for generating and growing customer value. By offering BBA Degree specialized in Marketing, graduates are prepared for broad and promising career options, including advertising and promotion management, business-to-business marketing, consulting, marketing management, marketing research, new product development, product and brand management, retailing and wholesaling, sales management, sports and event management, and managing a family business.

Students who successfully complete the first three semester of their degree program have opportunity to enroll with marketing specialized courses. As a Department, we are committed to freedom of academic inquiry and expression as well as dedicated to excellence as demonstrated in the national and international recognition of our faculty, students, and programs. We create and disseminate knowledge by means of our scholarly and creative achievements and outreach to the community. Through teaching and learning, we help students grow intellectually and become contributing members of the country, national, and world communities. Through research, teaching, and service, we embrace diversity and cultivate leadership, integrity, and engaged citizenship in our students, and faculty, staff, and alumni.

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